Hi All

Just an update regarding the odds and ends that I have been working on:

– Numerical Methods 2 : Solving systems of equations

This is a nice simple implementation of gaussian methods for solving matrices. I still need to test this algorithm and its implementation thoroughly though.

– Particle Systems : A Simple Demo

A basic standalone particle system done in XNA using DPSF as a framework with a focus on tweaking the particle system itself. This is still a work in progress.

– Projectile Motion Demo

A simplistic 2D demo that I would like to use as a test bed for testing and experimenting with trajectories.

I have also started a basic game in DirectX with a very simple concept in mind. This is largely still on the drawing board though and is a means for me to dig into DX more thoroughly.

As I am working on these items I am also finishing up Zita Asteria and as such these projects have had to take a lower priority. But we are probably in the last quarter of our release schedule(hopefully). We are also however finding that the last 20% of a project really is 80% of the work.

I just felt a quick update was in order. I’ll do my best to get a project or two out before my exams start in November.

Ciao 😀

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