So it has been a dang long time since I last posted anything… In short, a job change happened and it has been a steep learning curve with a large change to the industry I work for. I have moved from Business Systems software to telecommunications with VOIP. Despite the stressful move I have learned about some awesome tech and am getting into some advanced software which I am looking forward to getting involved with. Although I will probably be most heavily involved with Java work, I do get a fair amount of exposure to the C written PBX and hopefully some C++ for some of the smaller utilities used which are languages of interest for me personally.

Part of the learning curve has been using Linux which I started off with simply by using it in a VM, but I recently ditched the VM and moved to Linux Mint 13 as my main OS. All that aside, once I get a firmer grasp of VOIP and its related tech, I will hopefully be able to blog a little on some of the lower details involved.

Anyway, just wanted to put up a brief status update,

Ciao 🙂