So during a conversation with some colleagues the topic of RobotWars came up. Not the ones in real life though, but virtualized. As in, you program the behaviour of your own robot and then you compete with other programmers (or your own robots). I have never heard of programming games like this (I know of logo, or turtle) so I had to start reading up on them and there are dozens at least. I think just the idea of this is awesome. So I have been digging through them and a lot of them seem to be built around their own scripting language which may be faster to get going with, I liked the idea of a RobotWars clone that used a full commercial language which includes all the language’s bells and whistles. So far the only one I have found that does is called RealTimeBattle. Check it out at :

Unfortunately the latest source code available for download did not build. As it turns out the project hasn’t been updated since 2005 and the C/C++ compilers and their standards have changed somewhat since then. Most of it has to deal with string handling, plus I found patch lying around that was published around from 2006 that was necessary to get the source to compile. I am a bit surprised that there is no backwards compatibility with regards to string handling but until I look into why the APIs have been changed the way they have, I shall assume that the gurus managing the C/C++ standard have good reason for refactoring the way they did.

If I can get in touch with the original RTB programmers, I will try get my patched version added onto sourceforge. In the meantime here is a download link just in case I can’t get the sourceforge version updated :

RealTimeBattle 1.0.8 Revised

Just as a caution, I did not take time to optimize my changes, such as the use of namespaces which may not be necessary. Feel free to optimize yourself.

Ciao 🙂